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With Group Farming you can earn in Lakhs. “Group Farming” by IT Professionals in and around Hyderabad, this is a step towards owning an Acre(s) land close to Hyderabad City at Negligible cost.
and realising dream of own farm lands and horticulture profits.

  • Just 90km from City: – with in 90km Radius.
  •  1 Acre farm plot: – Purchase minimum of 1 Acre per person to be a member in this 50 Acre farm.
  • Facilities Includes: – Bore wells, Power, Water Sharing.
  • 1 Acre for <Contact For Price> only: – Very Inexpensive and Low Cost per Acre. Just <Contact For Price> per Acre.
  • Unique Water and Power (UWP) irrigating Independence: – Like in an Apartment we have common area, undivided common area to host Bore wells for Irrigating water, Power transformer and Water storing pit (optional). Remaining Land to be shared equally between members, this way the dependency is eliminated.
  • Zero Conflict of Interest among members: – Group Management, Moderating. The Best Ideas suggested by members are selected through online voting or Email Voting of the members thereby eliminating conflicts.
  • Organic Farming: – Organic Horticulture to produce Organic Vegetables and Organic Fruits for members, Local and Global Markets.
  • No Pesticides, No Chemicals: All organic farming.

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Group Farms in India

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