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Adverse, Bad and Evil Effects of PESTICIDES On Our Daily Food.

Please Watch the effects of Pesticides sprayed on our food on TV Show hosted by Bollywood Star Actor “Aamir Khan” TV Show Satyamev Jayate –

Toxic Food – Poison On Our Plate?

Satyamev Jayate – Toxic Food – Poison On Our Plate (High) from Kiran on Vimeo.

Our Daily food and water have been contaminated by harmful pesticides which have been promoted as necessary for better agricultural output. But in reality is that we don’t need pesticides for better yield, and their use is not only deadly for health but results in expensive farming and incurs high cost. The proven solution now is to adopt organic farming, which may of the latest farmers have shown it as possible and profitable.


Apart from being Self sustaining by growing your own food you know what you are growing. Grow ‘No Pesticides’ , ‘No Chemicals’ and ‘No GMO’ food for your own consumption and sell the excess.

Build cell level, DNA level strength in your kids year after year. At least you know what you are eating.

Grow your own food in an organic way to be self sufficient and sell your excess to like minded people/markets.

Grow your own vegetables
Grow your own fruits

Organic Farming is not new, it’s been there since ages before the green revolution.

Green revolution has introduced pesticides in the beginning of 20th century and has brought in long term chronic problems along with shot term high yield production.

Vandana Shiva is fighting like our mothers do for us on eradicating GMO ( Genetically modified foods )